MetaMap named as a top 50 AI company by Forbes

The most powerful way to onboard new users verify users avoid fraud become KYC compliant

MetaMap eliminates manual and repetitive identity verification tasks for B2C fintechs, so you can focus on growth and revenue.

11+ million verifications completed
500+ companies using our solutions
2 min. average development time

Trusted by 500+ companies

Here are some of our current customers:

binance product breakdown logo
product breakdown eversend
product breakdown allianz
product breakdown mercado

Binance uses MetaMap to simplify Its account creation flows and comply with local regulations

Instead of going through a tedious verification process, new users now just need their ID numbers to start using Binance. Other checks are required to get access to specific features, but users are never asked for more than the necessary information.

Binance expanded to Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico with MetaMap.


Eversend improved the user experience of their onboarding, drastically reducing drop-offs from new users

Instead of asking for unnecessary information from the beginning, Eversend gives progressive access to their platform. Users get verified seamlessly because they understand the importance of the required information.

Eversend expanded to Africa and Europe with MetaMap.


Allianz uses MetaMap to validate the authenticity of documents fast and without hassles

By using MetaMap, Allianz agents are able to effectively verify the authenticity of the ID provided by individuals prior to selling their policies. This allows agents who are on the move to speed up the process and close more deals faster.


Mercado Bitcoin expanded to 40+ countries thanks to MetaMap

Mercado Bitcoin is the largest platform for digital assets in Latin America. Thanks to MetaMap, they accelerated their expansion while delivering a streamlined onboarding process to its end customers, allowing the company to focus on its business completely. In addition, MetaMap helps MB accept and monitor customers in over 40 countries, allowing them to comply with local regulations.

Metamaps are customizable verification flows
  • Choose from our battle-tested metamaps, customize as needed
  • Drag and drop your merits. No coding needed
  • Easy to deploy into your customer journey through SDKs and API
Access LATAM's largest pool of data sources, organized into merits
Open the door to more customers by assessing them based on comprehensive, evidence-based merits, not rigid scores or guesses.
Let’s find the right plan for your business
Verify, assess, and onboard your customers in no time
  • Prevent fraud by asking & validating the required information
  • Offer a delightful user experience
  • Verify any user in under 3 minutes

MetaMap is fully compliant

Seamlessly build, integrate and analyze your metamaps

Drag-and-drop builder

Build metamaps with our drag-and-drop UI. Toggle the countries you want to comply with.

Watch it in action

Comprehensive dashboard

View all users you've automatically verified and manually review a case if needed.


Metamap analytics

View analytics per metamap to get a breakdown of user data and find growth opportunities.


Easy integration

Smoothly integrate with web and mobile platforms through our SDK, our API, or using a direct link.

MetaMap stands in Forbes’ 2022 AI 50 list as one of the companies making the most interesting and effective use of artificial intelligence technology.
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