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Metamaps are customisable trust workflows that empower service providers to reach more customers.

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Operate seamlessly in the new borderless economy

MetaMap surfaces merits in the form of legal, financial, and work data, so companies can provide services to their customers, regardless of who they are or where they live.

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Borderless economy

Access the world of validated data, organized into merits

Open the door to more customers by assessing them based on comprehensive, evidence-based merits, not rigid scores or guesses.

data remits

Build a more holistic understanding of your customers

Don't lose out on new users by limiting yourself to a few, shallow data sources: every merit can be assessed in many ways with MetaMap.

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Your metamaps are easy to build and use

Navigate to the right set of customers for your service by assembling merits in different ways to create your own metamaps.

They’re scaling with MetaMap

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Binance uses MetaMap to simplify their account creation flows and comply with local regulations

Instead of going through a tedious verification process, new users now just need their ID numbers to start using Binance. Other checks are required to get access to specific features, but users are never asked for more than the necessary information.

Binance expanded to Brazil, Argentina and Mexico with MetaMap.

credit process illustration

Eversend improved the user experience of their onboarding, drastically reducing drop-offs from new users

Instead of asking for unnecessary information from the beginning. Eversend gives progressive access to their platform. Users get verified seamlessly because they understand the importance of the required information.

Eversend expanded to Africa and Europe with MetaMap.

Eversend Workflow

By simplifying their vendor verification process, OLX increased their sales and the quantity of products available in their platform

OLX increased trust between buyers and sellers by enabling vendors to get verified faster. Asking for less information and doing so at the right time is crucial in encouraging more vendors to get verified.

OLX expanded to Latin America with MetaMap.

Olx group workflow

Creditas eliminated fraudulent accounts and reduced their loan default rate by over 50%

Creditas identifies fraudsters faster with MetaMap. They also shorten their contract approval timeframe by minimizing the required information and giving additional choice to their users.

Creditas expanded to Latin America with Metamap.

creditas workflow
country switch illustration

Launching a new country? Just switch it on, we’ll do the rest

Serve users based on merits while complying with local regulations worldwide, hassle-free.

Launch in a few clicks, surface merit instantly

Merits look very different from one country to the next. MetaMap standardizes the data you need to assess anyone’s merit seamlessly.

launch codesnippet

Don’t take our word for it

Darshan Bathija Avatar
Darshan Bathija
“We needed a truly global solution with an extremely high reputation, which is why we chose MetaMap. I was surpised at the flexibility with which they worked backwards from the problem to adapt their solution. The onboarding can now be completed in 30 seconds and the verification happens in real time. We just couldn’t do that with the other solutions.”
CEO, Vauld
gustavo romero
Gustavo Romero
"MetaMap’s API has become a reference in the market, it’s the hub for identity. With MetaMap, no need to look for other suppliers to access a new watchlist or national database. Implementing MetaMap has also resulted in substantially higher conversion rates on our loans thanks to faster and more relevant checks.”
CEO, Wenance
Gustavo Matos avatar
Gustavo Matos
“Embedding MetaMap improved the user experience of our product while reducing fraud incidents. We were also able to deploy the API quickly and easily, which was crucial to us as we expanded to Mexico.”
Head of Legal and Risk, Creditas

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