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Face ID access

Conveniently authenticate an existing user with a selfie of their face. Grant access smoothly without having to re-verify users

face id access

Give easy access to your existing users while playing it safe

Match existing KYC data with a selfie or liveness check to re-verify existing users easily.

password reset


Approve loans to existing users with just a selfie or liveness detection.



Approve existing customers to online and physical casinos.

Matching government photo and user selfie


Approve existing drivers at different touch points.



Approve carriers when taking/delivering orders.



Check that buyer and credit card owner match with a biometric check



Confirm sensitive operations such as withdrawals with a biometric check

Add face ID access to your metamap

Merits are flexible and modular so you can build your own metamap from scratch or reuse a pre-built template and adapt it to your needs.

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face id access

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